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Data integration refers to the organization’s inventory of data and information assets as well as the tools, strategies and philosophies by which fragmented data assets are aligned to support business goals.

BlogPotential, tool strengths differ across four types of discovery for analytics
ProfileB of A’s Catherine Bessant hates the phrase big data and aims to avoid making data a “black box” that separates users
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news802.11ac wireless networking standard provides data transfer speed of up to 1 GB/sec
BlogIt isn’t good enough for master data management to be siloed as an integration tool
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ColumnLike the innovators of the smartphone, the firm that is first to successfully market a preconfigured application that pulls from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data will transform how enterprises do business forever
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Like few other careers, the roles of the information manager are on perpetual course of disruption. Certain aspects of that change, however, cry out for more attention than others across business and even throughout IT departments.
BlogSalford Systems series is a solid primer, with promising specialized models
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NewsPurported deal for application programming interface technology and services vendor follows a series of cloud announcements by Intel; Gartner analyst Knipp says API market may face consolidation
The promises of performance, storage and savings in a cloud deployment are only as strong as your service level agreement. Even as cloud users become more savvy and vendors more capable, there remain a slew of tricky issues surrounding what is expected and what is realistic.
CommentaryEven with bleeding edge tools and gizmos, the insurance industry should be seeking opportunity and advantage
BlogHot data trends face an “innovator’s dilemma”
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Storage in the Cloud: Merging Cloud, On-Premise Storage Adds New Levels of Flexibility

It’s no secret that the astronomical growth in data is redefining IT infrastructure decisions, creating potential for massive headaches for enterprises. Capturing, storing, managing and analyzing data is proving to be a monumental task requiring innovative solutions and creative use of already-scarce IT budgets. To overcome these challenges, many enterprises are adopting cloud-based storage solutions that provide the ultimate in flexibility—particularly when cloud storage solutions are deployed along with on-premise solutions.

This eBook provides a variety of use cases, technical discussions, and third party analysis of the growing market for cloud based storage. Learn how to best put cloud storage to work for your organization, while protecting your storage infrastructure investment for maximum efficiency.

Are you actively evaluating master data management technologies and their ability to scale and support emerging trends around big data, social and mobile?

Yes 61%
No 23%
Don't Know 9%
Not Applicable 6%


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