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Customer experience is an outside-in focus on customer behaviors and expectations across all points of customer interaction and engagement. Forrester Research defines three levels of the customer experience as: meeting customers’ needs, being easy to work with and being enjoyable to work with.

NewsUnit shipments of smart glasses will jump nearly 150% in 2015 as they find enterprise niches within several vertical markets.
BlogWhen they need support, here's where your customers head first.
NewsIncreasing customer satisfaction, promoting growth and reducing costs top the challenges insurance executives face today, according to a new study. IT will play a key role in addressing those challenges.
NewsThe vast majority of IT and security managers concede they don't know the number of shadow IT cloud apps within their organization -- which employees use without corporate IT's approval.
NewsMobile customer service will change dramatically from now through 2018. A range of new technologies is set to improve end user experiences, Gartner predicts.
NewsBased on more than 200 million app store ratings and reviews, the average quality score for mobile apps—66.5 out of 100— is lacking with only a passing grade.
NewsA majority of financial services organizations (58%) use in-memory technologies, which provide the level of processing power often essential for real-time analytic applications.
NewsThe past year has been a busy one for the mobile technology market, as organizations continue to ramp up their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and roll out smartphones, tablets and other products to their more mobile employees. Here are five top developments and trends that we covered in 2014.
NewsVenture capital funding for digital health companies reached an unprecedented level in 2014, continuing to significantly outpace traditional healthcare sectors. Inc. (AMZN) and other Web retailers sold more products than ever this holiday season, boosted by early promotions and investments in delivery systems that helped avoid the widespread shipping snags of last year.
ViewpointAnalytics is vastly redefining sports, with teams repeatedly signing and scouting players based on insights from the ‘stat-geeks.’ It has seen teams, players and athletes conquer previously unscalable heights and adopt different styles, techniques and methods that have aided in vastly superior performances.
NewsRecent breakthroughs in speech recognition and artificial intelligence will soon make gadgets dramatically better at understanding people.

One leading insurance company employed Vivisimo’s Velocity Platform to integrate data across multiple sources and applications to effectively manage inbound customer calls. This company has been recognized as one of the top insurers in the industry for the past 50 years. Their mission since inception has been a commitment to providing cost effective insurance, but with several business units each providing specific offerings, they began noticing a rise in call volume with unacceptable average handle times (AHT).

Success in business is, to a large extent, about optimizing the exchange of value with customers. The more value you can deliver to your customers, the more value you can get from them in the form of sales, higher margins, loyalty, references, and actionable feedback. Information plays a strategic role in this value exchange. When people in your organization understand your customers, their business challenges, your products and services, and how those products and services can best be applied to your customers’ challenges, they can deliver more value to the customer. Information delivers this understanding and insight to improve employee responsiveness to customers.

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