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Customer experience is an outside-in focus on customer behaviors and expectations across all points of customer interaction and engagement. Forrester Research defines three levels of the customer experience as: meeting customers’ needs, being easy to work with and being enjoyable to work with.

Information Management's DM RadioApps are everywhere these days. The iPad still dominates, but Apple is just one of countless app distributors these days. The enterprise is increasingly looking to these lightweight applications as well, for reasons ranging from operational efficiency to analytics on the fringe. Register for this episode of DM Radio to hear Host Eric Kavanagh interview Cindi Howson of BI Scorecard, plus Randal Hoff of FairCom, Stefan Andreasen of Kapow Software, and John Callan of QlikView.
CommentaryA profile of some financial services companies that are using social networks to create new collaboration patterns with their customers, distributors and employees

One leading insurance company employed Vivisimo’s Velocity Platform to integrate data across multiple sources and applications to effectively manage inbound customer calls. This company has been recognized as one of the top insurers in the industry for the past 50 years. Their mission since inception has been a commitment to providing cost effective insurance, but with several business units each providing specific offerings, they began noticing a rise in call volume with unacceptable average handle times (AHT).

Success in business is, to a large extent, about optimizing the exchange of value with customers. The more value you can deliver to your customers, the more value you can get from them in the form of sales, higher margins, loyalty, references, and actionable feedback. Information plays a strategic role in this value exchange. When people in your organization understand your customers, their business challenges, your products and services, and how those products and services can best be applied to your customers’ challenges, they can deliver more value to the customer. Information delivers this understanding and insight to improve employee responsiveness to customers.

Learn how your organization can leverage your information to create a sustainable competitive advantage.
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