Business process management is an approach to understand and improve the productivity and efficiency of repeatable tasks performed in the process of conducting business. Business process managers observe and apply strategies and tactics with tools for modeling, monitoring, measuring and improving discrete and connected business workflows and activities.

BlogWhen they need support, here's where your customers head first.
ViewpointThe best Business Analysts can envision underlying possibilities in data that offer valuable business intelligence in ways the business may not even be aware.
NewsEnterprise architecture sounds like a good idea. But in the real world of gotta-get-it-done IT projects, it can often seem like an annoying obstacle rather than a strategic asset. Here's how CIOs can prioritize.
ColumnThe average enterprise does not have nearly enough policies for data management, and this famine of policies has an enormous detrimental impact on the way the average enterprise manages its data.
TrendsFinancial firms, burdened with more regulations, increased operating costs and heightened pressure on their back office, are increasingly integrating technology service offerings into their software tools, such as hosting, cloud and managed services
Information Management NewsGartner offers recommendations for optimizing ADM to reduce costs by more than 50 percent for organizations
BlogBusiness leaders cannot divorce process improvement from the people and systems that touch customers
Information Management's DM RadioOptimizing any business boils down to improving processes. That is true in every field, and especially in the burgeoning industry of data science. Without carefully designed, managed and implemented processes, garbage in will result in garbage out. Register for this episode of DM Radio to hear Host Eric Kavanagh interview process guru Kiran Garimella, author of The Power of Process, as well as Scott Menter of BP Logix, Patrick Husting of TIBCO, Dr. Alexander Gray of Skytree and special guest host Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky of the PSIKORS Institute.
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