Analytics represent the tools, processes and techniques for the exploration and analysis of business data to discover and identify new and meaningful insight and trends that allow for analysis to take place.

BlogTracking the customer journey is critical for long-term engagement.
BlogAs the so-called sharing and collaborative economy emerges, here's how analytics can potentially help you pivot.
NewsUtilities are among the industries best-positioned to reap the benefits of another type of perfect storm -- the rise of big data and streaming analytics.
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AnalysisData can reduce the fear in decision-making, yet the inability to utilize data and the lack of trust in it perpetuates “go with your gut” as a standard business practice. That needs to change.
NewsWith one announcement, EMC Corp. hopes to solidify its big data strategy while also convincing data scientists and investors that three closely aligned companies (EMC, Pivotal and VMware) are better than a big corporate breakup.
BlogIt's time to find real alternatives to desktop spreadsheets, which weren't designed for collaborative, enterprise-wide tasks.
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Information Management's DM RadioLong a staple of the information workflow, data modelers today face an exciting challenge: finding ways to incorporate Big Data into their organizations. Yes, some of the rules have changed, but the principles remain intact. And by acting as the conduits between current information architectures and the range of new possibilities, data modelers find themselves at the center of the action. Register for this episode of of DM Radio to hear Host Eric Kavanagh interview several data modeling experts. This event will coincide with the annual ERWorld Conference, so there will be plenty of high-powered action!
BlogBig data is about the profitable analysis of information sources that an organization wasn't previously tracking.
Lead GenerationDaaS is a revolutionary way of mining today’s massive data sets to find qualified prospects in the market now for what a company is selling.
Vertical MarketsColleges and universities need to strengthen their analytics foundations across multiple departments. But that doesn't mean it's time to tear down and rebuild everything at once.
NewsAfter Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made his big data pitch to customers this morning, Judson Althoff jumped into blogging mode to further explain Microsoft's big data and Internet of Things (IoT) strategies. So who is Althoff and what views did he share?
NewsWhen the long-awaited Google Compare for auto insurance aggregator launched, our sister site Insurance Networking News took a closer look at the search giant's strategy and the potential market implications.
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