Analytics represent the tools, processes and techniques for the exploration and analysis of business data to discover and identify new and meaningful insight and trends that allow for analysis to take place.

Gartner states that through 2017, premiums for big data and related analytic skills will remain 20-30 percent higher than other business skills. At the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytic Summit 2014 in Las Vegas, Gartner Analyst Carol Rozwell stated that there’s a range of experience and approaches needed by anyone in analytics. For a successful program, it takes a variety of critical skills. In her presentation, Rozwell outlined skills that can be exemplified in seven different types of people.
ColumnBusiness intelligence can satisfy needs, but analytics can tell you what you want to know
TrendsIDC finds differences in perceived collaboration levels between lines of business, analytics groups and IT
BlogResearch finds significant demand for location-related technology that can improve business outcomes
White PapersHadoop MapReduce is fast becoming a core technology in the exciting fast moving field of genome research. This whitepaper explains how IBM Platform Symphony helps dramatically accelerate Contrail, an important toolset in de novo genome assembly.
TrendsIDC Energy Insights study finds utilities are still in the early stages of deploying big data and analytics
Information Management's DM RadioDubbed the sexiest job of the modern age (by folks who know nothing about it), the Data Scientist remains a white-hot topic. But how well are things going? Some companies talk of having 1,500 data scientists and others say there's a dearth. What's the deal? Register for this episode of DM Radio to hear Host Eric Kavanagh interview Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky of Phasic Systems, John Whittaker of Dell, Chandran Saravana of SAP and David Smith of Revolution Analytics.
ColumnOur systems need to make more decisions so that they can respond for us
BlogA list of capabilities to consider when evaluating BI platforms for R integration
BlogI just finished Tom Davenport's latest book, “Big Data @ Work” and, not surprisingly, liked it a lot. Indeed I've pretty much enjoyed everything I've read by the author. A Harvard-trained sociologist, Davenport is a methodologically-sound researcher. His deep interviews and surveys of executives and data scientists set a standard for excellence in an industry where marketing bravado generally supersedes scientific rigor. And though Davenport's writing is often not as provocative, as, say, that of…
Big data and analytics is an area ripe for innovation. Many startups and established companies are making a name for themselves in the industry, with new names springing up all over the place. Following up on our very popular list of
“10 Big Data Companies You Might Not Know,” here’s a fresh list of 10 more big data companies you may not have heard of. Although this is not a ranking or comprehensive list, these 10 vendors are establishing themselves as contenders in the big data and analytics market.
SurveyRecognition of IT’s strategic importance is growing, but so is dissatisfaction with its effectiveness, according to McKinsey's eighth annual survey on business and technology strategy

Are you actively evaluating master data management technologies and their ability to scale and support emerging trends around big data, social and mobile?

Yes 61%
No 23%
Don't Know 9%
Not Applicable 6%


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