Business Process Management

Business process management is an approach to understand and improve the productivity and efficiency of repeatable tasks performed in the process of conducting business. Business process managers observe and apply strategies and tactics with tools for modeling, monitoring, measuring and improving discrete and connected business workflows and activities.

Information Management NewsJapanese firm will acquire the divisions to strengthen its footprint in North America, and enhance cloud service and business-process outsourcing, or BPO service, according to its filing.
BlogListen to the Silicon Valley buzz, and what do you hear? Among other things, lots of busy bees making noise about “real-time data.”
FeatureOrganizations are struggling with ways to manage the vast amounts of incoming data in order to derive meaningful insight from it all -- insight that drives sound business strategies.
NewsThe global business process outsourcing (BPO) business analytics market will generate revenues of $22 billion by 2020, according to a new market research report from Technavio.
BlogWhile the trends and drivers of ‘Thriving on Data’ make enterprises smarter and more insightful, the building blocks of ‘Process on the Fly’ make them agile and more responsive.
What are the most important issues for IT leaders as we head into 2016? The Society for Information Management polled 785 organizations to find out for its 2016 IT Trends Study. Here are the top 10 results.
FeatureThe database has been neglected in terms of tooling, mindshare and adoption in the cloud. As a result, our database administrators (DBAs) will be forced to support databases in the public cloud without a safety net.
FeatureKPIs have a dynamic relationship – information from one set of performance indicators can suddenly draw attention to the key role of another indicator – so we need to access them in real time, not in a historical report.
FeatureOrganizations for the most part agree on the great value of corporate data. Unfortunately, for the most part data professionals believe their organizations do a poor job of interpreting and using that data.
GuidanceHighly effective organizations run highly effective business processes -- and information governance is no exception. To succeed, the business processes of information governance can be divided into six key areas:
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NewsWorldwide spending on business process management (BPM) software is set to grow 4% to $2.7 billion in 2015, according to a recent research forecast. Here are the IT trends driving that steady growth.
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