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Business intelligence is the process of making better decisions in an environment that provides data and reporting that is timely, reliable, consistent and understandable in a useful format or presentation.

BlogThe market for digital experience software is rapidly expanding -- as in thousands of vendors in the market – and it’s also converging on a core set of six core capabilities led by content, customer data, marketing, and commerce.
FeatureKPIs have a dynamic relationship – information from one set of performance indicators can suddenly draw attention to the key role of another indicator – so we need to access them in real time, not in a historical report.
FeatureHortonworks Chief Technology Officer Scott Gnau shared his thoughts on what will be five of the most important data trends to impact the CIO in the coming year.
BlogAll too often, using the past to predict the future does not provide accurate results, especially in such dynamic market environment. Ask any investor.
FeatureThree-quarters of firms have no data professionals on staff, and of those that do, only one-quarter are using those professionals competently.
Information Management's DM RadioInnovations in dynamic dashboards, data virtualization, and cloud-based data management have invigorated this time-tested industry, just as big data solutions have taken the analytics world by storm. Learn more at our Nov. 19 episode.
NewsThe biggest U.S. banks, alarmed by the growing use of data-hungry apps that help consumers track their finances, are offering a technological compromise.
NewsOne of the campaigns to get Britain out of the European Union is putting its faith in a team of U.S. data experts to win over voters.
FeatureHiring managers select worse job candidates than the ones recommended by an algorithm, new research from the National Bureau of Economic Research finds.
BlogTypical business intelligence is not built for Big Data analysis and requires a different approach, more real-time, more forward looking pattern recognition and new visualisations able to show large amounts of data and being able to interact with it.
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BlogThe reality is that most businesses have only scratched the surface when it comes to transforming all of their data into insight that drives real business action.
FeatureBig data’s limitless potential only can be realized if people are capable of managing information, interpreting it correctly, and acting wisely.

Gartner’s analysis of the Business Intelligence and Analytics market is the most anticipated and highly respected in the industry. Many industry observers believe that some organizations will only consider software vendors that appear on the Gartner Magic Quadrant. That's because Gartner information is based on detailed customer surveys, interviews and Gartner's own research. In addition to the detailed analysis of vendors, Gartner also reviews major market and industry trends.
In this independent report, David White of the Aberdeen Group discusses how adding agile BI provides a self-service solution that helps both business stakeholders and IT achieve their goals.
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