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January 31, 2017

Continuous Business Process Management With Holosofx BPM Suite and IBM MQSeries Workflow


Continuous Business Process Management is the concept of continuously defining, analyzing, and improving a business process. In this IBM Redbook, we explore the business process development life cycle. We use HOLOSOFX BPM Workbench to model an existing process. We use the model to create, simulate, and analyze the process, and select optimal new process design. We use HOLOSOFX BPM Server to share process model information through the Web and to provide a secure repository for access and version control. We convert a business process model into an MQSeries Workflow model and generate an appropriate code format. This format is imported into MQSeries Workflow where the process metrics will be captured in real time. We use HOLOSOFX BPM Monitor to monitor work-in-process items and perform corrective actions by reassigning, reprioritizing, or suspending them. We use actual process metrics to answer what-if questions and make process improvements.

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