DEC 31, 1969

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Turning the IoT into opportunities
January 31, 2017

B2B Exchanges: The Killer Application in the Busines-To-Business Internet Revolution


Business-to-business cyberdeals--or B2B transactions, in the parlance of the New Economy--are widely seen as the Next Big Thing. But Arthur Scully and William Woods, securities and investment professionals who have specialized in B2B for the past four years, believe the Net itself encourages an offshoot that will ultimately revolutionize the procurement, pricing, and distribution of goods and services. Today's technology enables complementary commercial enterprises to participate in a kind of online bazaar, they contend, "where multiple buyers and sellers can come together in a virtual trading space." In B2B Exchanges, they describe the makeup of several such existing networks and analyze the phenomena for prospective participants.

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