DEC 31, 1969

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January 31, 2017

A B2B Marketing: Radically Different Approach for Business-to-Business Marketers


Business buyers behave differently and it's time we marketed to them differently. B2B marketing requires a new set of strategies and tools, and business is looking for a new breed of B2B marketer. This book will give you the essential know-how to becoming a successful B2B marketer. There is growing realization that marketing consumer goods to individual buyers is very different from marketing business-to-business products to business customers. B2B and B2C marketing satisfy their respective customers' needs and wants in different ways. B2B product development is driven by technological progress, B2C driven by fashion and trends. B2B purchases are often a considered, group decision while B2C purchases are personal and more impulsive. At the moment marketing literature and courses are overwhelmingly B2C focused. It's time for a change - here is the definitive guide to B2B marketing to help you adopt a more targeted approach to getting better results with business customers.

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