DEC 31, 1969

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Turning the IoT into opportunities
January 31, 2017

E-Policy: How to Develop Computer, E-Policy, and Internet Guidelines to Protect Your Company and Its Assets


It's fast, it's easy, and it's dirt cheap. But for all the advantages of e-mail and the Internet, it's a form of communication that comes at a cost:

  • small fortunes are being spent in litigation because of employee abuse of e-mail
  • trade secrets stored on computers are routinely stolen or compromised by employees
  • productivity is dropping and costs skyrocketing as employees squander hours online.
To radically reduce legal liability, theft, and wasted resources, companies need clear, legally sound policies that explicitly define the rights and obligations of employees. They need policies that are as up to date as their technology. Now there's a comprehensive computer/e-mail policy writing kit to help them. This one-stop resource supplies background information, step-by- step guidelines, and pre-written policies. And it includes real- life nightmare stories that drive home how explosive the problems can be-and how crucial the solution.

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