DEC 31, 1969

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November 3, 2016
The citizen data scientist: Can you democratize analytics for better business outcomes?
November 10, 2016
Big Data, Cognitive Bias, and Data Quality’s New Frontiers
November 15, 2016

Benchmarking for Best Practices: Winning Through Innovative Adaptation


Benchmark expert Christopher E. Bogan and corporate quality director Michael J. English walk management through their 9-step benchmarking model--from improving baseline trends to achieving world-class quality leadership. Recognizing that successful benchmarking often, demands dramatic changes in corporate attitudes--and an end to the ``not invented here'' mentality that stifles innovation--they arm readers with the weapons to: Forge a learning organization ready to borrow successful ideas wherever they occur--inside or outside the firm; Tailor benchmarking to a firm's unique identity--acknowledging that one company's ``best practices'' aren't always another's; Sell benchmarking to even the most skeptical senior executives or ``turf conscious'' factory and line managers; Manage the total project--including determining what, and against whom, to benchmark.

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