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January 31, 2017

U.S. Application Service Provider Forecast, 2002-2006: A Vertical View (PDF download)


One of the challenges of playing in the ASP market is its highly fragmented customer base. Particularly when budgets are being closely guarded, ASPs are realizing that a targeted effort is more effective than a gunshot explosion. Where should they focus their energies and sales efforts? In 2001, services companies spent approximately $245 million on ASP services, more than any other market. In addition, discrete manufacturers, despite a troubling year, spent $221 million on ASP services, making them the second-largest market for vendors. Which vertical markets are expected to continue spending on ASP services over the next five years? What are the characteristics of markets that are ripe for outsourcing? This bulletin presents the U.S. ASP market by 18 vertical markets to help ASPs prioritize their sales efforts and develop their customer base.

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