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January 31, 2017

Integrating Results through Meta-Analytic Review Using SAS Software


Finally ... a book addressing the various needs,concepts, and approaches for SAS users who work with meta-analytic procedures! Wang and Bushman introduce the reader to the important concepts in meta-analysis and how to use SAS software for this specific type of analysis. The authors thoroughly describe how meta- analysis can be used in "data-mining" projects to discover meaningful relations among variables in a collection of studies. In addition, the following concepts are covered in detail: how to present your results in graphical format, how to combine effect-size estimates based on categorical and continuous data, vote-counting procedures to show the statistical significance of results, how to combine effect-size estimates and vote-counts, how to deal with fixed- and random-effects models, how to combine dependent or correlated effect-size estimates using multivariate procedures, and how to report the results and conduct the data analysis portion of a meta-analysis.

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