DEC 31, 1969

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Business Intelligence that is all about the customer
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Digital mesh or digital mess? Prepping for the future of IoT management
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The role of analytics in cyber security
December 13, 2016

ERP For Dummies


Written in the most basic language it is well adapted to all audiences. This should be the first book anyone reads on ERP. It is appropriate for executives, students, teachers, managers, consultants, programmers, analysts, lawyers, and more. It helps prepare future users and students of ERP. It answers basic questions like: What is ERP? How will it effect me? How will it help my company? How is it implemented? It has been chosen by the CIBRES.COM organization as the primary introductory book for newcomers to ERP. It comes with a unique free online question / answer wizard that allows readers to search for specific ERP questions and answers. Or the reader may use the wizard to ask a question to the authors or a panel of experts.

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