Big Data

Big data refers to very large amounts of data being produced on the Web and by sensor, monitoring and machine systems along with the systems and technologies used to integrate and analytically explore it. Big data can be discussed from a technical view of frameworks and technologies, and from a business perspective of its uses and value to organizations. As it matures, big data is emerging into the context of information and data management already used in organizations.

NewsThe Senate health committee has approved a bill to improve healthcare information technology by modifying requirements relating to the development and use of electronic health records.
NewsCharles Munger, the vice chairman at Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said it’s too early to say how successful IBM will be in reshaping its business.
FeatureNot all analytics solutions are equivalent or appropriate for specific needs. Making the best solution and vendor choice is paramount to the success of any analytics initiative.
NewsThe companies announced a partnership to leverage predictive analytics in making health risk analysis more effective.
BlogEmployers across the country and across industries continue to find the hiring environment for technical positions to be challenging, and data positions dominate the list of most-wanted new hires.
BlogOrganizations generate data continuously, and they should analyze and refine it continuously – that is, optimize it – to improve their actions, decisions and processes.
NewsThe MapR Technologies program offers online courses on Hadoop, Spark, and other big data technologies.
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BlogNot very long ago, it would have been almost inconceivable to consider a new large-scale data analysis project in which the open source Apache Hadoop did not play a pivotal role.
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NewsTableau Software Inc., a maker of data- analysis and charting software, saw its value plummet by half Friday after falling short of fourth-quarter estimates, dragging down bigger software companies.
BlogHere’s an overview of what university programs are teaching students today, and what skills employers can expect from future big data analysts.
FeatureAs the nation gets ready for Super Bowl 50, Houghton College data science student Theresa Taggart is among the dozens of college and university students helping to pull off the top event in sports.
BlogWhat we see now is that we still gather data from remote devices and sensors, but the data can be used to trigger action. To execute business processes. Or influence already running processes.
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