Big Data

Big data refers to very large amounts of data being produced on the Web and by sensor, monitoring and machine systems along with the systems and technologies used to integrate and analytically explore it. Big data can be discussed from a technical view of frameworks and technologies, and from a business perspective of its uses and value to organizations. As it matures, big data is emerging into the context of information and data management already used in organizations.

FeatureInitial reports, thanks to the National Retail Federation, are a case study in how to obtain meaningless data and then put it to bad use.
Great advances are being made with machine learning and artificial intelligence, but nothing compared to what the next quarter century has in store. Jeremy Achin, data scientist and CEO of DataRobot shares his thoughts on what we can expect.
FeatureIn a contest starting Thursday at noon, Kaggle’s quants will have three months to create a predictive trading model from four gigabytes of financial data provided by Two Sigma.
FeatureThe organization has increased the effectiveness of its analytics by pursuing an organized approach to using analytics, which has helped with acceptance of results and faster action on what the data is showing.
BlogBy digitally capturing the current configuration of an asset, additional intelligence can be derived from that information when compared to the expected values using product data attributes or the Digital Thread.
NewsThe Singapore sovereign wealth fund appointed Michael Recce in the newly created role of chief data scientist last month to work in the GIC Data and Analytics Department.
FeatureThe move to enable customers to address their own needs more independently has created new requirements for capturing and delivering relevant knowledge in real time, everywhere, for every customer.
FeatureBig-data gurus are bringing the nation’s colossal economy into sharper focus in a more potent way than in other major economies because China’s official stats are often suspect or incomplete.
NewsThe apps will improve interpretation of data such as a sequence of scans, with different colors showing up minor differences easily be missed with the naked eye, Chief Executive Officer Frans van Houten said.
NewsThe growing use of big data analytics, machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is having a huge impact on many sectors, and mining is one of them.
BlogIn today’s world of readily-available exogenous data and easily-implementable predictive analytics, there’s simply no excuse for failing to understand your customers beyond your immediate touchpoints.
FeatureGartner surveyed 180 professionals in the role of chief data officer or chief analytics officer to learn more about their responsibilities, background, and tenure in the role.
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