Big Data

Big data refers to very large amounts of data being produced on the Web and by sensor, monitoring and machine systems along with the systems and technologies used to integrate and analytically explore it. Big data can be discussed from a technical view of frameworks and technologies, and from a business perspective of its uses and value to organizations. As it matures, big data is emerging into the context of information and data management already used in organizations.

FeatureDashboards are strategic tools that become the face of your initiative’s insights. And, if they’re designed well, they are the launching point for relevant action within your organization.
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FeatureHPC capacity has typically not been viewed as a solution except for those with a lot of money or skill. As such, there is a significant unmet need for cost-effective easy to use HPC capacity for SMEs.
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FeatureThe challenge becomes - how do we bypass the overabundance of data available to make practical use of the most valuable information? The answer is smart data.
FeatureData defines how you operate your company at a foundational level. It reflects the reality of knowing your customer to accurately fulfill orders and send invoices.
FeatureBut what happens if you need to handle millions of these types of transactions at once? To ask it another way, what happens when the universes of high-value transactions and Big Data collide?
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FeatureThree payers—Anthem, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and UnitedHealthcare—say they are ready for the impact and they’ve already expanded their analytics teams to help with the transition.
BlogBig Data is not about exploring and finding new sources of information, but rather it is about collecting and unveiling what is already there, using newly found methods – much like a modern day archaeologist.
BlogQlik helped pioneer the visual discovery market with its QlikView product. In some respects, Qlik and its competitors also spawned the self-service trend rippling through the analytics market today.
NewsSpending worldwide on IT is flat for 2016, totaling $3.41, according to Gartner, Inc. This is actually up from last quarter’s forecast, which pegged the worldwide market at 0.5 percent negative growth.
FeatureIn the challenge, ONC is soliciting white papers on the technology and its potential use in health IT “to address privacy, security and scalability challenges of managing electronic health records and resources.”
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Information Management NewsMove enables more accurate predictions for smaller regions, and empowers developers and data scientists to create better applications and models.
NewsCurrency traders are going back to basics, set to watch the performance of the U.S. economy more closely than political events to discern the dollar’s direction.
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