Big Data

Big data refers to very large amounts of data being produced on the Web and by sensor, monitoring and machine systems along with the systems and technologies used to integrate and analytically explore it. Big data can be discussed from a technical view of frameworks and technologies, and from a business perspective of its uses and value to organizations. As it matures, big data is emerging into the context of information and data management already used in organizations.

Data security remains a top concern for data professionals. To help organizations put up a best defense, Reiner Kappenberger, senior executive focused on big data and Hadoop at HPE Seecurity-Data Security offers five steps on how to best secure data in the Hadoop environment.
FeatureA growing number of organizations are creating data lakes in order to give a greater number of employees access to the data they desire. But that is also creating more security concerns for data managers.
The top concern around data management remains security, especially as more organizations host more of their data in the cloud. The solution for many firms is an outside data security firm, but there are important questions to ask when selecting the one that is right for you.
FeatureData professionals have moved beyond general discussions of what data analytics can do for their organizations, and want real use cases that they can learn from and copy.
NewsCompanies like Google and Facebook Inc. risk new regulatory curbs as the European Union considers ways to limit how technology giants control of vast amounts of data and may hurt competitors and customers.
NewsRegulators say the audit trail could help them reconstruct market crises and quickly analyze data for equities and options markets across multiple exchanges and trading platforms.
BlogSAP’s Universal Journal is a principal component of the company’s revamped architecture of S/4HANA. It is the single in-memory data store of all transactional and analytical data in the system.
Want to get the best pay in the data analytics field? Here’s a rundown on 10 top jobs in the field and what you can expect to earn for your efforts.
NewsChina’s statistics authority said officials improperly profited from agency data, according to a report that cited other shortfalls including procedures that don’t keep up with economic changes.
FeatureSeveral top themes emerged from the recent Strata & Hadoop World conference in San Jose, including that of the use of data to improve life itself, from healthcare, to housing, to a dozen social issues in between.
There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to high demand for data professionals. But just how well an individual can cash in on that trend depends on their job experience, location, and acquired skills. This week we look at how all those factors impact the paycheck. Today we review the pay premiums being paid in 2016 for the top noncertified data skills.
FeatureThe term ‘cognitive technology’ refers to the ability of a machine (precisely computers), to facilitate interactions with humans, by utilising unstructured or structured data.
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