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Joe McKendrick is an independent consultant, author, blogger and frequent contributor to Insurance Networking News specializing in information technology. He can be reached at

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Businesses Get Serious About Google Nest, IoT and Telematics
July 15, 2015 Still skeptical about the Internet of Things (IoT)? Take a look at the insurance industry's data-driven business case for...

Light at the End of the Silo
October 28, 2010 Nationwide gives examples of shared services as a way to streamline data

Big Iron is Hot
October 25, 2010 Perhaps rumors of the mainframe's death are a bit premature

Next-Gen BI and Analytics: A Lot of Promise, a Lot of Politics Ahead
October 19, 2010 The trend of "next-gen BI" pointed to in a new Forrester report is actually several trends happening at the same time. The...

Analytics for All: Why Data Democracy Makes Business Sense
October 15, 2010 I recently helped complete an Oracle Applications User Group survey that showed that while most organizations aspire to the...

Welcome to The "Great Inflection"
October 4, 2010 The Great Recession forced companies to become more resourceful and innovative and, as a result, many have turned to...

Recession's Aftershocks Continue
September 30, 2010 I received quite a bit of pushback on my recent blog based on the National Bureau of Economic Research's pronouncement that...

New Healthcare Law Requires “Massive” IT Investments
September 27, 2010 the ACA has a lot of big changes that require changes in insurers' systems, to the point where entire business models are...

The 'Great Recession' is Over: Now What?
September 22, 2010 Those companies that can closely integrate technology into their business to run smarter will see competitive advantage in the...

Giving Talent Recruiting a LIFT in a Hyper-Competitive Economy
September 20, 2010 For individuals, especially during a period when unemployment remains high and job growth sluggish, this social media strategy...

The Price of Good Data
September 16, 2010 Business school researchers came out with calculations and financial impacts of data and found that maintaining good data...

IT Leads the New Corporate Renaissance
September 13, 2010 New book list highlights titles about those dealing with converging tech

Is This Sustainable?
September 9, 2010 Reliance on information technology will only keep growing, and the need for managers and professionals that know how to employ...

Align This! Why it's Hard to Sell IT Projects to the Business
September 3, 2010 Go to any conference, read any analyst or consultant briefing, or pick up or log into any technology journal, and you will...

Web 2.0 Security: Time to do More than Fight Technology with Technology
August 26, 2010 Perhaps the answer is to take user-empowered networking and secure it with user empowerment

Master Data Isn't Available at the Turn of a Switch
August 23, 2010 A key benefit of having a common MDM repository is enhanced customer support and increased customer loyalty

50 Ways to Leave Your Legacy
August 19, 2010 There are many avenues open to either migrate or modernize legacy systems to bring them up to code

Governments Will Keep IT Departments Busy for a Long Time to Come
August 16, 2010 Compliance is a primary driver of IT budgets

Moving Transactions to the Cloud? How to be Ready
August 9, 2010 Moving applications to the cloud can be disruptive. And if they are transaction-intensive applications, the process can be...

SOA or Cloud? You be the Judge
August 5, 2010 Definitions and interpretations aside, an effective SOA deployment can lay the groundwork for cloud formations

2 Measures that Should be Part of Every Data Security Effort
August 2, 2010 Many insurers are now securing their databases by "data masking," which removes confidential data elements and replaces them...

“Electronic Water Coolers” May Smooth Insurers' Process Deployments
July 29, 2010 Social networking and BPM could create a new approach to collaboration across organizations

No More IT-as-Usual in This New Economy
July 20, 2010 Effective deployment of information technology will be a difference-maker for insurers

App Store Coming to an Insurance Company Near You?
July 19, 2010 Imagine the benefit of agents logging in and accessing application processing or customer verification services, or internal...

Plymouth Rock's Analytical Culture
July 16, 2010 The insurer believes an analytics-based strategy is the future of customer relationships

Why Analysts are Still Bullish on SOA
July 13, 2010 No prior IT architecture initiative has had an impact as positive or broad-reaching as service-oriented architecture

3 Steps to Good Data
July 9, 2010 Effective data management and data quality are no longer “nice-to-have” options

We've Actually Been Talking About Social Media Long Before it was Called "Social Media"
July 7, 2010 However, we now have new means and methodologies to add to our toolboxes

7 Steps to Lean IT
July 1, 2010 Insurers are finally starting to stand up and take notice of Lean IT, which has been a staple in the manufacturing world for...

Good Candidate for Cloud: Anything That Can be Automated
June 28, 2010 While it doesn’t make sense for insurers to hand over critical systems to third-parties, but there are many other...

Architectural Wonders
June 24, 2010 Even the best-aligned insurers face IT departments not quite getting what the users want, and users not understanding how IT...

7 Simple Steps to Becoming an Analytic Organization
June 21, 2010 Not treating data quality as an IT issue and taking critical enterprise info out of employees' heads are two of the keys

Nationwide Takes Multi-Prong Strategy to Greener Operations
June 16, 2010 Insurer says achieving efficient, green data centers need not be expensive or overwhelming

From Big-Iron Weekends to Apps on Demand: Disaster Recovery Morphs into Cloud
June 14, 2010 But risk management is only the first of a line of apps and functions that can be delivered via cloud-based services to insurers

Two Areas Where Cloud is Gaining Traction in Insurance
June 8, 2010 Messaging and collaboration, and infrastructure have even the largest carriers reaching for the cloud

Warming Your Business Up to Cloud - One Byte at a Time
May 25, 2010 Having problems convincing your organization to consider cloud solutions? Is “cloud” even a bad word, since it's so...

Green Day for the Insurance Industry
May 21, 2010 As part of its green strategy, Allstate is pursuing “aggressive virtualization,” which dramatically cut the amount...

Green Design Boosts Insurers' Bottom Lines
May 18, 2010 Insurers use techniques—from virtualization to tiered storage—to draw down data center energy usage

What Will Move to the Cloud, What Will Wait
May 17, 2010 Insurers must ask themselves ‘What?’, ‘When?’ and ‘Why?’ while defining their cloud adoption...

How to Ride — Not Fight — the Social Media Wave
May 14, 2010 The boundary between where social networking for an employer stops, and personal networking begins keeps getting fuzzier and...

Business Process Management Finally Graduates from Acronym Stage
May 10, 2010 BPM was front and center at this year's IBM Impact conference, which may be a first for IT-leaning audiences. The fusion has...

6 Points to Consider in Any Cloud Business Proposal
May 10, 2010 Cloud offers a compelling value proposition, but great ideas often don't pass muster when they reach the business proposal stage

Looking at SOA? SafeAuto Sees the Benefits
May 3, 2010 For insurers like SafeAuto that heavily rely on online consumer engagement, robust application uptime and performance means...

Surprise: Smaller Firms More Capable of Monitoring Suspicious Transactions
April 30, 2010 Perhaps this isn't surprising, as smaller firms have a lot more to lose if they have fraudulent accounts in their midst

Private Cloud, Public Cloud: Bringing Together the Best of Both Worlds
April 26, 2010 The best approach to cloud computing is a hybrid one

Don't Write Off the Mainframe as a “Legacy” System
April 22, 2010 What is a “modern” system versus a “legacy” system? And why wouldn't a modern system put in place today...

6 Ways to Reduce the Risks of Cloud Computing
April 20, 2010 Starting slowly and establishing best practices from the outset are two keys to mitigating cloud computing's risks

“After the Crisis: Now What?”
April 15, 2010 An IBM report recommends aggressive adoption of tools and platforms that foster collaboration between employee groups as a key...

A Good Place to Start Cloud (If You're Going to Start It)
April 12, 2010 Messaging and e-mail are the best starting points for insurers, experts say

Welcome to 'Healthcare 2.0,' Post-Passage: It's All About IT
March 31, 2010 Any organization connected to health care is going to need lots of expertise in data management and architecture sooner than...

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