Analytics represent the tools, processes and techniques for the exploration and analysis of business data to discover and identify new and meaningful insight and trends that allow for analysis to take place.

FeatureNicola Askham, who is known as the Data Governance Coach, recently had the opportunity to interview Mark Horseman on his thoughts on what it takes to succeed in data governance.
FeatureAn international team of researchers led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has developed a plan for managing, sharing and analyzing neuroscience data to better understand how brains work.
BlogThe fundamental problem is a mismatch in expectations. As an industry we should not generally expect groundbreaking innovations from the largest software companies.
BlogAt the Symposium, I facilitated a round table discussion on how to modernize BI and analytics portfolios, presented on this year’s BI and Analytics Magic Quadrant, and conversed with more than 40 CIOs.
The growth in data analytics and governance is leading to an increase in the workers that manage and master it all. The result will be a new level of ‘data literacy’ in 2017. Here are 10 reasons why.
FeatureInitial reports, thanks to the National Retail Federation, are a case study in how to obtain meaningless data and then put it to bad use.
NewsRobo-advisers typically use algorithms to offer investment advice with little or no human contact. Customers provide their age, income, risk tolerance and goals online through a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Great advances are being made with machine learning and artificial intelligence, but nothing compared to what the next quarter century has in store. Jeremy Achin, data scientist and CEO of DataRobot shares his thoughts on what we can expect.
FeatureIn a contest starting Thursday at noon, Kaggle’s quants will have three months to create a predictive trading model from four gigabytes of financial data provided by Two Sigma.
The Internet of Things will continue to be one of the largest areas of technology investment in 2017 and 2018, says technology analyst firm Gartner. Here's a look at the top trends to expect.
FeatureThe organization has increased the effectiveness of its analytics by pursuing an organized approach to using analytics, which has helped with acceptance of results and faster action on what the data is showing.
BlogBig data, data science, streaming data and self-service all are impacting the way organizations collect and prepare data. Data sources used in analytic processes now include cloud-based data and external data.
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