60 Seconds Smarter is an editorial and community project to bring business, IT and all stakeholders together to discuss what’s important about core data and information management concepts and practices. It seeks to answer the question, “What are we doing and why?” with expert talking points summarizing a data management topic in a minute or less. The goal is to start a conversation and give the listener a simple entry to all the resources our community can add to the discussion.
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Industry EventsLearn how experts mine data by attending The Modeling Agency's vendor-neutral and application-oriented data mining courses. Participants will learn about predictive modeling strategy, best practices, capabilities, limitations, risks, rewards, methods, tools, techniques, applications, practice, and how to get started.
Information Management OnlineAnalytic Offload platforms for Teradata, Oracle hold promise to increase EDW performance, 451 Group analyst says
Information Management OnlineTrio of releases for ERwin break down barriers toward governance, collaboration says EMA analyst
White Papers and ResearchOrganizations are moving to the Cloud. As a result, administrative costs and the burdens of on-premise collaboration management are significantly reduced. Along with the benefits that Cloud implementations bring, however, come concerns about the following: data security, coherence, outage, availability and geo-location. Using a data model in migrating data from on-premise applications to the Cloud throughout DaaS should be the common way to minimize database development, implementation and maintenance resources, allowing companies to focus on their core business. In this paper, we propose guidelines that affect all aspects of Cloud DaaS services: security, performance, connections, and the security life cycle to govern what is really important in migrating to on-demand hosted applications, and managing this data in the Cloud.
White Papers and ResearchThe construction of a data model is one of the more difficult tasks of software engineering and is often pivotal to the success or failure of a project. Many factors determine the effectiveness of a data model. In this white paper, industry expert Michael Blaha covers the Top 10 pitfalls to avoid — from both the strategy and detail perspective.
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