In the past the best leaders and executives had the best answers. That is not true today. Now the best leaders and executives have the best questions
Instead of predicting what will happen in the technology industry for the rest of this year, I'm taking a different approach -- pointing out what won't happen with big data, software-defined networking, user interfaces and more. As I look into my crystal ball, here are my UNpredictions for the rest of 2015 as well as some tips for success.
Which NoSQL database, if any, is best for your big data projects? Magnitude Software's Thomas Casselberry offers a how-to selection guide.
A small number of information-rich data streams, leveraged properly, can yield more value than masses of captured data.
Data acceleration is the key to unlocking the potential of big data and analytics. Here's why.
Leverage big data and gamification to drive swarms of great decisions and outcomes across the lowest levels of your organization.
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