Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.
—W. Edwards Deming, Data scientist »
People have tried everything: From throwing money at it by buying the latest and greatest tech promising security, to outsourcing cyber security management, to handing it over to the IT folks to deal with it.
Now that hospitals have updated to their first and even second generation electronic health records, the data exists for a similar revolution in healthcare administration. All that remains is the will to change.
Too often the value and complexity of monitoring are taken for granted. To perform as anticipated—in other words, flawlessly—monitoring of services must be as important as delivery of services.
Transfer learning encapsulates the notion that a deep learning model trained to solve one task learns generalized features that can be exploited to solve another (different) task.
On a macro level, businesses that employ journey analytics and embrace a customer obsessed mentality see increased revenue, customer retention and customer loyalty.
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