Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.
—W. Edwards Deming, Data scientist »
Skilled cyber criminals are increasingly deploying new strains of ransomware due to its effectiveness in avoiding detection and in generating profits.
The riskiest part of ransomware was always the distribution, because it entails multiple contact points: Attempts to infect a computer, communication of ransom, and payment collection.
This outage is just the latest example of the airline industry facing a meltdown due to outdated IT systems that they can’t be bothered to update.
People have tried everything: From throwing money at it by buying the latest and greatest tech promising security, to outsourcing cyber security management, to handing it over to the IT folks to deal with it.
While BI tools do offer a means to their systematic optimization goals, they fail miserably in getting business intelligence into the hands of the professionals who need it most, like marketers and salespeople.
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