Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.
—W. Edwards Deming, Data scientist »
Turning data into effective action requires a strong understanding of what that data has to say. And that requires master data management. Information Management recently hosted an executive roundtable in which participants discussed how best to deploy the data solution.
When it comes to SAP Basis, it’s clear that it must add value to the business user, and that means data needs to be shored up within ERP systems so analysts can make sense of it.
This week workers staged a protest outside Palantir’s headquarters in Palo Alto. Their demand: that the company prevent the government from using its software to create a Muslim database or facilitate mass deportations.
In addition to spurring innovation, technology makes it possible to do more in less time, and in business when time is money, this is an incredibly important part of gaining a competitive advantage.
It won’t be too far off when smart apps will be a requirement for any company that wants to remain competitive. It won’t be enough for software to “do.” It will be required to “think and suggest.”
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