There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics.
—Mark Twain, "American author" »
The rise of the digital enterprise has changed the landscape of business and along with that the role ECM plays in an organization.
KPIs have a dynamic relationship – information from one set of performance indicators can suddenly draw attention to the key role of another indicator – so we need to access them in real time, not in a historical report.
Many companies are experiencing a gap between their investments in the underlying technologies of Big Data, and the anticipated benefits. The macro trends across many industries around challenged sales growth, margins, and consumer loyalty reflect this reality.
Having the ability to store should not be a go-ahead for the unmitigated accumulation of data because the financial impact can be significant and risks severe.
There's no evidence the plotters of the Paris terrorist attacks used encrypted communications, but debates about whether the technology should have a "back door" for intelligence services are heating up again.
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