Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.
—W. Edwards Deming, Data scientist »
The right controls for one business will prove excessive for the next, and not enough for the third. Therefore, the first thing that must be established is what is the risk appetite of the organization.
Safeguarding the data is at the heart of security, more critical than protecting the network or perimeter. CIOs need to pick up where traditional security tools end and investigate AI cybersecurity digital safety nets.
Initial reports, thanks to the National Retail Federation, are a case study in how to obtain meaningless data and then put it to bad use.
BI analysts are struggling to respond to business requests, there is an endless shortage of data scientists, and business analysts continue to grapple with data access, data blending and data reconciliation.
The move to enable customers to address their own needs more independently has created new requirements for capturing and delivering relevant knowledge in real time, everywhere, for every customer.
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