Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.
—W. Edwards Deming, Data scientist »
Data defines how you operate your company at a foundational level. It reflects the reality of knowing your customer to accurately fulfill orders and send invoices.
Whether you compare present crime rates to the peak of murders in the 1970s or to the highs in violent crime in the 1990s, per capita crime rates are low and in long-term decline.
Prospects are leaving clearer data trails than ever before, and our ability to collect this intent data at scale is currently changing the B2B landscape.
The challenge becomes - how do we bypass the overabundance of data available to make practical use of the most valuable information? The answer is smart data.
HPC capacity has typically not been viewed as a solution except for those with a lot of money or skill. As such, there is a significant unmet need for cost-effective easy to use HPC capacity for SMEs.
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