Organizations that are successful with analytics continue to invest in their analytical skills and technology to stay ahead of the curve...They foster the right analytics culture, are open to new ways of thinking and change the way they do business.
—Steve Miller, "The MIT Analytics Imperative" »
The benefits of Metadata now are clear: We have moved from reactive information management to proactive information management. Here's how.
The Internet of People is relatively new, and as it grows we will need to continually debate and revise our shared agreements for how analytics about people work and can be used.
Data integration technologies have evolved over the past decade, but advances to support big data are more recent. Here's what a recent survey reveals.
Unlocking the power of real-time marketing analytics hinges on a business’s ability to bridge the divide between CIO and CMO. Here's why.
The three C’s—Connection, Context and Control—give you the necessary framework for a high-performing business intelligence program.
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